Monday, March 2, 2015

Late Night with Cake

Damn you, Pinterest. I took an hour of writing time to make a cream cheese pound cake. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and nothing looked as delicious as that pound cake, all buttery with a yummy crust. So yeah, I did, I baked the pound cake, only I didn't have the right cake pan, so I ended up with two pound cakes. And let me tell you, this is one delicious cake. I definitely don't need two of them sitting around the house.

My husband accused me of cheating on him with baked goods because of the noise I made while I was eating it. Light, buttery, sweet, delicious. I could have devoured the entire thing if the kid had left any kind of room in my stomach. My dachshund and my spaniel concurred with this sentiment and tried to convince me that eating a whole cake was okay, as long as they could participate in the gluttony. You can find it here if you are a fan of cake (who isn't, really)? Evil Cake Link

Evil cake.

And now, I can't sleep. Predictable. I just ate like 600 calories (optimistic estimate). So I'm sitting on the couch, smelling cake and writing, but I thought I'd just take a moment to share this brief moment of insanity with everyone. And also, send out a friendly reminder that I currently have a giveaway running for the release of my new book THE LADY VANISHES. Coming soon: Giveaways for the cover reveal of A FRENCH WHIPPING and LIE IN THE MOMENT. Think everyone will like these covers as well.

Until then, keep reading sexy books and eating cake.


Nikki C

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