Monday, March 9, 2015

Cover Reveal Giveaway Coming Soon! Congratulations to all my recent giveaway winners!

Good morning everyone,

I am pregnant, sitting on a exercise ball, and hoping that writing sex scenes can bring on labor. I don't think there have been any studies done, but here's to hoping. I spilled coffee down my shirt and in my hair, I'm wearing slippers, and I've eaten about half a dozen chocolate eggs. Super-sexy. Damn you, Easter candy, for looking so sparkly and delicious in your blue and pink bags.


OK, maybe not dying, but this baby better make an appearance soon or we're going to have a chat. Mama can't write, focus, or sleep.

In other news, congratulations to the winners of my ebook giveaway of THE LADY VANISHES, which ended yesterday. Thank you for participating. I'd love it if you all read and reviewed the book on Amazon on Goodreads. It'd be totally amaze-balls since the book still isn't selling.

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Of course, a writing purist would tell me to get over that and be proud of a book I love. I am, yo. But I'd like to continue to be published.

I am super-excited to let everyone know that I'll be hosting a cover reveal and giveaway for A FRENCH WHIPPING and LIE IN THE MOMENT, the second and third books in the series. Any bloggers out there interested in hosting the cover reveal would be very welcome, just shoot me an email. Look for it in the next few days, unless I go into labor. Please for the love of....

Nikki C