Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let's Celebrate! #Giveaway for $150 Amazon card! Lady Vanishes a Kindle Monthly Deal$1.99

Final book in the Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series, out January 11th.
It's been an amazing year so. Crazy, amazing and oh, so busy. My son was born in March, two of my books were published, THE LADY VANISHES and A FRENCH WHIPPING, and seems like there was more stuff. But having a kid will do that. Time disappears. I think to myself, "Okay, you'll have time to write tonight. For sure. He'll go to bed by 9 and then you can write for a few hours." Reality can be a harsh mistress. Of course he wakes up fifteen times with horrible gas because my dumb butt decided this was the week to introduce spinach.
Anyway, idiocy aside, there are many reasons to celebrate the dawn of 2016. Besides my darling son--who is a handful just like his father--the final book in my Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series is being released on January 11th! The first book in the series, THE LADY VANISHES, is also being offered at a discounted price ($1.99) on Amazon as part of the Kindle Monthly Deal. Whoo hoo.

I'm also offering my biggest giveaway prize ever, a $150 gift card to Amazon or the bookstore of your choice. I like @Powells, or if you're in Houston, try @murderbooks, or @bluewillowbooks, or @BrazosBookstore (Awesome independents)!
Click here to see details about the giveaway!
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Giveaway - Top prize is $150 gift card to bookstore of choice or!
Also, if there are any bloggers or reviewers that would like to review LIE IN THE MOMENT, please let me know by emailing me at
Best of luck and Happy New Year!