Tuesday, February 10, 2015

XOXO Valentine's Day - http://bit.ly/XOXOVDay

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all looking forward to Valentine's Day. I know it's a much-loathed holiday for many, but I always liked it, even when I was single for a decade. Mostly because I enjoyed making cards and getting presents for my mom, sisters, and friends. I also have a serious addition to those Little Debbie Valentine's cakes, the ones that they make in the shape of pink hearts. What is up with those things? They don't tempt me--at all--at any other point in the year, but at Valentine's Day? Holy crap, I ate an entire box. Of course, I am pregnant, so there you are.

Yum. Little Debbie white cakes.

Romance readers everywhere also benefit from a plethora of giveaways, promos, and other fun stuff during this time of year. I was just listening to something about THE SCIENCE OF LOVE on NPR. Here in Houston, it seems like love is really in the air because it's sunny and spring-like :)

My backyard today. It's like 70 degrees.

And of course, right now there's even more of a romance frenzy due to the Fifty Shades (#FiftyShades) movie coming out.  I don't know...I just don't see the chemistry between the characters when I watch the previews, but I could be wrong. It's been known to happen.

At any rate, I'm happy to report that I'm currently hosting a giveaway to celebrate the release of the first book in my new series, THE LADY VANISHES. Valentine's Day doesn't actually occur in the book, but there is a scene where my nerdy-hot hero, Milton, gifts his lady love with a "special" set of pearls. Naughty.

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THE LADY VANISHES is also featured on Pocket's XOXO After Dark blog: http://bit.ly/XOXOVDay where you can send a sexy ecard featuring your book find boyfriend. You can also find me and lots of other awesome Pocket authors like Kresley Cole (@kresleycole), Lisa Renee Jones (@lisareneejones), Christina Lauren (@christinalauren), and lots of others.

XOXO After Dark Send a Sexy e-card to a friend.

Have an excellent and adventurous holiday!


Nikki C

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