Friday, May 29, 2015

Ahhhh...Pool tags! Giveaway Updates and More.

As summer approaches, I am both excited and a little bummed. I cannot attend the RWA conference in NEW YORK and I really miss NEW YORK. I won't get to meet my editor, Kate Dresser, or see my friend and publisher Lauren McKenna. But the reason I can't go is because my beautiful son is really too young to go gallivanting to New York City--or so his father insists. Still, I picked up our pool tags today (awesome) and did some promo work for my new release A FRENCH WHIPPING, which came out on Monday--the day of crazy storms here in Texas. If it stops raining, and I figure out whether my son is old enough to go to the community pool, and I finish my manuscript...sigh. I'm sure I'll get poolside eventually.

In other News:

Upcoming reads:
EIGTH GRAVE AFTER DARK by Darynda Jones - If you've never read this series, you're missing
YOUR BABY WAY PREGNANCY CHILDBIRTH by Jennifer Margulis - My Simon & Schuster colleague and friend Jennifer Margulis's book is hot off the press from Scribner. Spoiler: It's everything you need to know about how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, childbirth, and first year with your baby. A perfect gift for Father's Day or anyone with a new baby in their lives.

Upcoming Events:
Book Enthusiasts Promotions is hosting a release event and giveaway for A FRENCH WHIPPING for bloggers.

Looking for:
Reviewers: I'd be happy to send a copy of my ebooks to anyone interested in reading and reviewing online! Just email me at

Photo credit: Amy Sanderson

Have a great summer!

Nikki C